About Us

If you have come this far, it is surely because you are wondering … and who is behind this blog?
When you are an adult, you face your responsibilities and you have to make numbers and they have to balance you !! And that can give us more than a headache, right? Well that happened to me. Unfortunately and like many other people surely, I have found myself at different times in my professional career without a job … But I did not sit idly by but instead began to look for other ways to earn money that were not the traditional one.
And what did I do? First I tried selling crafts, specifically wool scarves (yes, I love knitting). I sold a few, to friends and acquaintances, but of course, when summer comes, I no longer had a business: /. So I started searching the Internet, to see if I suddenly found the magic formula that would make me earn money … but, instead, I found websites that tried to sell me something, others that promised to make me a millionaire
So, I decided to search on my own, try and check if you could really make money.

And what happened? In the end I managed to earn a few euros, but above all, collect information on different ways to earn money.

All this roll that I have released ..For all this and encouraged by my boyfriend, I launched into creating this blog to share what I have found and what has really worked for me.

Honestly, I have not earned a great fortune, nor am I a millionaire, but what I have earned has helped me cover some day-to-day expenses.
I would like that through my experience and methods that I am going to share with you, you can get extra income but you can also see beyond this and learn to manage your personal finances, and just like I try to do, you can achieve financial freedom .

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